Price of an artwork?

Since starting this art lark there comes a time where you start to accumulate so many drawings and paintings it’s time to sell some of them but how much do you sell them for is the question of the century. Some artists I have spoken to say don’t sell your art too cheaply. I am an unknown artist so my art will certainly be alot cheaper than a known artist cause I am just starting out. I heard some friends discussing art and they were saying that they were surprised at how expensive pieces of art were because they are only drawings.I listened to what they had to say then I told them about how many hours many artists take to draw or paint a piece if art. Some of my drawings have taken me 40hours to draw but if I was to calculate the average wage by hour then the art piece would be too ridiculously priced. I currently work in my day job earning 44dollars an hour so theoretically I should charge 40x 44dollars. Well somehow I don’t think that’s going to work because I believe then my work will be overpriced. Somewhere in the middle is probably the right price but it definitely is a dilemma for an artist. I think the other decision to be made also is that an original piece of art is exactly that. No one else in the world will ever have the same piece of art and once the artist is dead there will never be another piece of art created by that person again. That is why so many pieces if art are sought after after the artist dies. I hope I have given you a good explanation of how an artist prices their work