Insignificant in the big picture

The 3 amigos are Clay Peter and Riley
Minawarra Park under the shadow of a giant tree

A pastel picture of 3 friends sitting on a park bench being overshadowed by a large tree.This image reminded me of how very insignificant we really are in the whole scheme of everyday life.

Imagine if the world went to war.As long as we didn’t blow up the entire planet the trees would continue to grow despite us.If the animals survived they too would continue on doing their thing ,evolving and breeding or becoming extinct without any help from us. We all think we are so important but really we are insignificant in comparison to a tree.It gives life to many and depending on what type is it can provide food ,shelter, heat and safety all by just being there.It doesn’t need to travel or buy things . Vote or collect taxes .It merely survives and exists to provide for others.They can dictate weather patterns and provide oxygen.When you look at what one single tree does for our world it is surprising that we do not have more respect for the simple humble tree.When I saw this tree I felt a deep compelling desire to capture its likeness and revel in its majesty.The tree will be there long before I am gone from this world.I hope you enjoy my representation of it

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