Strength in the face of adversity.

And so I begin…. I am worried. I have to make a choice. Take the vaccine or wait and hope I don’t catch the virus.If I want to keep my job I can see I probably won’t have a choice in the end. Those unvaccinated and working in the front line are too much of a risk for the powers that be. Too much of a risk to the general public because of the ability of passing the infection on to the community. The choice needs to be made. Since covid 19. also known as SARS arrived throughout the world we all need to make a choice on what we feel is the safest risk. We in the world are all watching those in the European countries .What effect will the vaccine have on people. No one really knows as this is the first time in modern history we have had an entire world outbreak of a disease that we have no immunity too. And I think of the Moari people in NZ and the aboriginal people of Australia who were exposed to measles for the first time. Many who died as a consequence. I guess history repeats itself as it has done throughout the ages.Many groups of people have experienced the ravages of disease and illness so why am I so ungrateful about receiving a vaccine that’s been provided for me with all the scientific means and bells and whistles.I am booked in for my first shot on Wednesday. Wish me luck. So at the end of the day I created this piece of art to represent the health professionals To show strength in the face of adversity.


Underestimated hero’s



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