“The fear of Performance.”  Here is a piece of art that I created to visualise how it is for every performer who stands on stage. The initial performance anxiety we all experience.

I have been performing as a musician for many years and every time I get on stage I am anxious and feel fearful. This effects my voice and my guitar playing. My voice often goes higher and I develop something I like to call the “claw”.That’s where my hand suddenly stiffens into a claw and my fingers find difficulty in moving when I have to play a lead riff.My band mates suffer the same condition. We all deal with it in different ways. The drawing I have done tries to convey the anxiety that every artist musician creative person experiences when they have to show off their creation to the world. One guitar looks at the other guitar blocking out the crowd, drawing strength from the familiarity of its friends profile.The other guitars stares ahead with red eyes. He or she has been using a substance to give them courage. I think many a musician can relate to this. Hence why many end up with drug and substance problems. The third person in the image is hiding themselves behind the music stand. Something many of us do. We hide behind our instrument when on stage. The instrument becomes like a comfort blanket like when we were children. It would not be cool if we saw our favourite rock/pop/rap star standing there with his or her blankie or dummy.So many of us musicians feel more comfort holding or standing behind our instruments. It is an extension of us and another way we deal with anxiety by holding them tight .The reference to the high voice can be seen with the high mountains in the background If you look in the middle of the picture you will also notice the letters L O L. To remind you to laugh out loud. Another technique we all use when we feel anxious. Laugh or say or do something funny. It decreases the surge of adrenaline we experience when we step on stage. The adrenaline surge prepares us to focus and prepare for a fight or flight response which is counterproductive to relaxing. Laughing is the cure because it produces oxytocin. The hormone for bonding and relaxation I hope now you understand what I am trying to convey too the viewer.It’s a picture of  problems and answers,solutions.

Mixed media chalk pastel and gold foil and nylon strings

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