This was a pastel drawing I did of an original part of West Australian history that’s kind of been forgotten. A plaque is errected near it but few know of it or even visit. It has a similarity to how many people treat our older generation these days. A part of history that was once important but now forgotten and seldom visited. I enjoyed drawing it because it has a broken kind of beauty. Like so much of our older generation. Broken but still beautiful.

The covid situation has been a real eye opener. Those of the older generation who fought for us in the West so we could have freedom of speech and not be burnt in concentration camps because of our colour or religion. They are the ones whom we as a society need to protect from this disease.So many people have forgotten about the suffering they suffered for us. They flout the rules of isolation because they feel they are more important than their fellow man. The broken but beautiful noble people who came before us. I dedicate this picture to you


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