How to price a piece of Art is an Artists dilemma.

This is the question  of the century. How do we do this without being over priced or under priced. Vincent Van Gogh never in his entire lifetime sold a drawing or painting but now his artwork commands an exorbitant price which in itself is eye watering for the average punter. Were his works at the time overpriced or just not considered good enough? So the modern artist faces the same dilemma. How much do they sell their works for. The hours it took to create the work and the cost of the tools required to create the artwork.So to help with this I have a piece of artwork here which was drawn in pastel. We will try and put a price on it.


This drawing is 50×38 and took approximately 20 hours to draw. I have used 20 different shades of pastel in it at approximate cost of each pastel 8 to 12 dollars per pastel. I haven’t used up all the pastel but a portion of each. The paper cost 8 dollars. My current job pays me 44 dollars at a flat rate. So 20 hours X 44 dollars an hour 840.00 +8.00 +12.00 which brings me to a grand total of 860 dollars. But as I am an unknown artist my value drops down. This is an original drawing so nobody else in the world will have the same drawing but as I am still alive I am still capable of creating further art works the price drops further. How much do you think it’s worth considering all the above facts. Leave me a comment.


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