Original pastel

Why do artists do what they do?

I always wondered why and how people came up with the ideas that they did . Another words , when I look at someone’s piece of art I wondered why they picked that particular theme ?or what were they seeing when they drew that drawing?

The long and short answer is sometimes an enigma.

A drawing can start off in one direction then end up in a completely different one . Through my own experimentation and experiences it all boils down to feelings . We as artists are expressing feelings and this is one of the reasons why art is considered therapeutic . In a world of pressures and constant interruptions and things veying for your attention art transports both the artist and the viewer to a different place allowing the brain to focus the eyes then let the brain drift . Very much akin to having a mini holiday without going anywhere or a similar situation we all experienced in school when the boring monotone of the school teacher almost sent us to sleep as we daydreamed of being anywhere else then where we were.

Art transports us to another place and we feel for a moment what the artist felt .Anger ,love ,peace ,tranquility ,disturbed, humor ,I am sure you get the picture and hopefully I have answered the question above so next time you want to reduce your stress and have a bit of a holiday then consider buying a piece of art or even better take out a pencil and draw something yourself. Get yourself down to an exhibition or trawl through your local art gallery .

You never know what you will find or who you will bump into.

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